Hi, I’m Sam


I'm a software engineer living in San Francisco. I work as a freelancer. You can hire me. Most of my days are spent writing Objective-C and Ruby. In my free time, I work on a few products at Nothing Magical and fly my drone. If you're curious, find out more about me.


I started developing for iOS the day the SDK was released way back in 2008. Here are some of the best apps I've worked on. I'm no longer involved in the development of several of these since some belong to previous employers.

Check out my open source projects on GitHub or head over to my little projects page for some old stuff.

Latest Writing

String Homogeneousness Algorithms

Today, I tweeted the following code while I was working on Whiskey:

import Foundation extension String { var isHomogeneous: Bool { var homogeneous = true var character: NSString? enumerateSubstringsInRange(Range(start: startIndex, end: endIndex),...

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