Sam Soffes

Redacted Support

What kind of images does Redacted support?

Redacted can work with any image you can open in Preview.

Does Redacted support PDFs?

Currently, no. Dealing with PDFs is extremely complicated. I'm holding off on PDF support until I can ensure I remove all of the redacted area from the document. This is something I definitely want to add in the future.

Will you support an older version of macOS than Yosemite?

Sorry, no. Redacted is built on top of the latest Apple technologies. You can upgrade to Yosemite for free in the App Store.

Is the blur reversible?

Technically, yes. This is the nature of blur algorithms. (You can read more about this here.) I have plans to make it much harder to reverse by adding random noise below the blur. That will be coming in a future version. If you want to redacted something very sensitive, use the black bar mode.

Will you make a Windows or Android version?

Sorry, no. Redacted it built on top of Apple’s technologies. Rewriting it for Windows or Android would take a ton of time that I’d rather spend working on new ideas.

Who makes Redacted?

Redacted was designed and developed by Sam Soffes.

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