Sam Soffes

Being 19 with a Career Sucks

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So I'm 19 years old in case you didn't know. When I was 18, I moved across the country from Louisville, KY to Oklahoma City, OK for a sweet job. That was pretty crazy. I love my job at on the Digerati Team. While I've been here I worked on some pretty amazing projects like the website, One Prayer, and the YouVersion Bible App for the iPhone.

So along the way some pretty crappy stuff happened to me that I won't go into. If you remember, my tweets were real depressing for a bit around July. Anyway, life is good. I know there is some way better stuff for me in Oklahoma than what I have worked on so far.

The only thing is that I'm 19. Everyone I work with is way older than me and most of them are married with kids. Who does a 19 year old with a career hang out? I don't know any college kids because I don't go to college. Pretty frustrating right now.