Sam Soffes

Coming Soon

Posted on is gone right now. It will be back later. I‘m really excited about what this will be. I plan for pics from my everyday use of computers and little things that I run into that make me laugh or are entertaining. Most of my musing have been in the form of emails to my friend in the last year or two. Putting this site back saves them lots of email, give me something to do, and will give you something pretty to look at.

I also plan for a portfolio of all my work. From Cocoa, PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Quartz Composer, music, Linux experiments, and other random stuff, I got a lot to put there. I‘m real excited to get all of this up and looking really pretty.

The reason for the delay in a real site is that I am real busy! Between work, having a social life, all my random projects, my two LLCs, and freelance web stuff, when do I have time to make myself a site? It‘s coming in all of it‘s XHTML, CSS and AJAX goodness. I promise.

ETA for new awesome site: 09/10/07 Last updated: 09/03/2007