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Custom Cloud App Viso

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If you haven't heard of Cloud App, you must be living under a rock or something else that shields you from awesome. It's a fantastic service. You must check it out.

Anyway, they've done some really cool stuff. The little app that servers your drops is written in Sinatra and open-source on GitHub. Awesome, right?! I forked and customized a bit.

Checkout my fork. It's super simple, faster, and very HTML5-y. Before it included jQuery, some other Javascript, lots of CSS, etc. Now it's just one stylesheet and 2-3 images. I was proud.

Here's the original image slug and here's my image slug. Here's the original file slug and here's my file slug. I'm not totally happy with mine yet, but it's coming along.

I wrote a custom video slug. It's really basic, but kinda cool. Definitely a big improvement over the original video slug.

I also plan on writing a sweet <audio> player for audio drops. Maybe even use Scribd embeds for PDF drops and some cool code coloring stuff for text drops that have color in them. Markdown drops would be cool too.

Anyway, it's pretty awesome that you can hack on it and build whatever you can imagine. I'm way excited to keep playing with it. If you need help getting it deployed, shoot them an email. They were really great.