Custom Mechanical Keyboard

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I ordered a mechanical keyboard from WASD Keyboards awhile back. I got Cherry MX Brown switches. The still have a satisfying click but aren’t insanely loud like greens or blues. After having it for awhile, I decided to get dampers for it to make it even quieter. This made it feel too squishy and I removed them.

A few months in, I decided to design new keycaps. It’s fairly cheap to order a new set, so you can change your mind often if you’re into that. Here’s my latest iteration:


I set the text in SF Compact like the new MacBook Pros. I decided not have modifiers anywhere. To me, it feels super clean this way. It only took a few days to get used to what symbols go with each number. No regrets on that. I thought it was neat to use the Unicode symbols for all of the modifiers.

Designing the keycaps only took a few hours of arguing with myself in Illustrator. I tweaked a few of the symbols slightly. Nothing too crazy. They have free templates you can download.

Illustrator screenshot

If you order one from WASD, you’re welcome to use my design. Download the Illustrator file. I highly recommend ordering their wrist rest. I also got their fancy USB cable (black on black). I'm a sucker for good cables.

Let me know if you design one!