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I'm fat. About a year ago, I made a little website about my data and such. My friend Brian Minor inspired me. My thought was if I publicly track data, it will keep me motivated.

I redid my little site last night to have a graph. Right now it just pulls in my weight from the Fitbit Aria scale and shows a simple graph. There is a rake task that runs every 10 minutes and stores the data as a JSON string in Redis. The rest is a simple Sinatra app that just sends the JSON straight to JavaScript. The graph is made using Chart.js.

When I have more time (lol) I want to make this pretty and show more data. Fitbit collects a ton of really sweet data. Making a custom dashboard thing sounds like fun.

Anyway, all of the code is on GitHub. If you see the graph go up, tell me I suck on Twitter.

See my progress.