Genius Launch

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Everlane is a new startup that started here in San Francisco. They've done some ridiculously smart things with their launch.

With Everlane we've set out to build a new kind of retail experience, one that exists 100% online and bypasses all the middlemen to create beautiful designer goods, always under $100.

It's basically super high quality designer goods (clothes, ties, bags, etc). I kinda want all of it.

Genius Part

So besides having stuff that I really want and a great design, they have a brilliant social sharing incentive.

Everlane Screenshot

It's simple really. If you want to see more, you have to invite friends to get access. You only need to invite one. Simple as that.

If you want more awesome stuff like early access, a free shirt, a $50 credit, or free shipping for life, you just need to get more friends to join. This is so smart.

Retweet contests and such are stupid. Usually it's an iPad for a prize. Apple sold 11.2 million iPads last quarter. I already have one. It's so much better to simply invite my friends to something intriguing and pretty to get stuff that I can't get without inviting people and it's stuff that I really want.

Anyway, I was impressed. You should check it out and experience this really great idea.

And yes this post was partly so I could see this. I'm okay with that.