Sam Soffes

I Don't Have A Boss Anymore

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As of May 8th, I will no longer work for I am leaving (on good terms) to get out there and do my own thing. Everyone there has been very supportive of this decision.

This is a scary and exciting time for me. In the short term, I'll be doing freelance work full time. I already have about 3 months of work booked. It was awesome get that much work lined up just days after I officially resigned at

Most of the stuff I'll be doing is iPhone and web apps. The end goal will be doing Trimonix (my company) full time. I absolutely love creating my own software. Freelance pays the bills and is fun because you get to work with lots of different people and learn new things, but I'd rather make my own stuff.

A lot of people ask me if I'll stay here in Oklahoma. I'm not really sure yet. I might move. Moving somewhere like San Francisco sounds like it would be a good idea because everyone doing cool stuff in the Mac/iPhone/web community is in San Francisco. It is crazy expensive to live there though and I just bought a house here in Oklahoma a few months ago. I haven't really thought all the way through that, so maybe is my answer :)

To all of you Digeratis, you all were awesome to work with. You guys are doing stuff that is measured in millions of changed lives. Amazing.

So if you need an iPhone app, Mac app, or web app, hit me up on my card.