Sam Soffes

I Love Panic

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I’ve been using Panic‘s Coda app for awhile now. It’s so awesome. I defiantly recommend picking up a copy of Coda if you do any web coding at all. It’s the best by far. For a while, I used Adobe‘s Dreamweaver. All I really want from one of those apps is nice code coloring, good SFTP/FTP, and a way to manage multiple sites well. Dreamweaver wasn’t designed for those things. It was designed for people who don’t know how to code and want to drag and drop stuff. The features in Dreamweaver that I liked seemed like second thoughts rather than intentional features.

Coda does a really good job of integrating all of the things that I want and not adding much else. I’m a big fan how simple the app is. I rarely use the books feature or CSS tool, but they are cool anyway. In the newest version, they really improved how the terminal tab works. I like it a lot.

Speaking of version 1.1, they added a ton of Leopard features. It’s really nice. The sites animation finally looks good on my MacBook Pro now. I like the glow on the buttons at the bottom. That wasn’t there before. It looks nice. You should give Coda a try. They have a free trial.