Sam Soffes on iPhone 1.1.1, Finally

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After many hours of work with the new jailbreak, I have successfully installed on my iPhone. It is awesome to have my apps back.

DO NOT INSTALL SUMMERBOARD!!!! This totally screwed my iPhone up. It put the dock at the top and freaked it out. I tried deleting the plist file that contains the list order and stuff. It completely broke my SpringBoard (the application that shows all of the icons and such on the home screen).

An interesting thing happened after I deleted it though. My background changed to look like the iPod Touch. It had the same dock too. Even the AT&T icon in the bar at the top said iPod. It appears that that is the default configuration for the SpringBoard. Unfortunately, I didn't back that plist up before SummerBoard screwed it up. I had to start the entire process over. Darn.

It's all good though. I can't wait for the new version that makes it work with the new firmware. If you have questions, just email me and I'll help you out with the install. If you're not unix savvy, it's probably pretty hard to do.