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Internet Explorer is Stupid

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This is retarded. I’m going to complain for a minute here. To be valid XHTML1.1, you need to make your content type application/xhtml+xml. By default the content type is text/html which isn’t valid XHTML1.1. In Internet Explorer, it doesn't know what to do with the application/xhtml+xml content type and asks the user to download it. WHY!? That is so dumb. Why does Microsoft refuse to listen to web standards? I do not understand. There is an easy work around for this, but that is dumb that this has to be done.

if (isset($_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT"]) && !(stristr( $_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT"], "application/xhtml+xml"))) {
    header ("Content-type: text/html");
} else {
    header ("Content-type: application/xhtml+xml");

While we’re complaining, why doesn’t IE6 not display PNGs when it can? You can hack it to display them (with this clever script). It's so annoying. This is why will not be supporting IE6. I give up.

Update: I can’t get it to validate now. I need to do some work on that little piece of code.

Update: Fixed. The validator doesn’t send the $_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT"] variable because it‘s just a script obviously. I updated it the code above to reflect my changes. Enjoy.