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Introducing Shares

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Shares Really excited to finally be able to introduce Shares. I started working on this app in November. It's come a really long way since then.

The Pitch

Recently, I bought some Apple stock. (Which, by the way, has been a fantastic investment.) I found myself looking at the price in the stocks dashboard widget then using Alfred's calculator to do the math to see my change. This got cumbersome quick.

I just wanted an app to see my overall gain or loss at a glance, so I made one.

The Process

The frist version was done in a Saturday. I drew 100% of the UI in code. I was super proud that there were no images in the app. Next, I hired Kris Mendoza to design a sweet icon for the app. He did a really fantastic job if I do say so myself.

A few weeks later, I had lunch with the fabulous Josh Brewer. Shares came up and I showed it to him. He has some ideas to take my silly design and make it super awesome, so we started working together.

Off and on for 5 months we worked on Shares when we had time. We are really proud of the end result.

That's It

I hope you give Shares a try. I'd love to hear what you think. Tweet or email me what you think.

This isn't my big idea that I quit my job to work on. Shares is just a little side project. If you're curious about my main project, head over to Nothing Magical. All of that is coming soonish though.