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Life has been crazy. I’ve been putting off writing about it until some of the final details were finalized. Everything is happening all at once. It’s hard to get anything done on my blog, two companies, freelance, and everything else I have going on besides work and doing stuff I don’t want to do like get car insurance renewed or deal with a mistake I made on my taxes in 2006. (I think taxes should be a flat rate by the way. The IRS is stupid because they seem to enjoy over complicating something you already hate - giving money to the government so they can waste it on their ridiculous salaries. Sorry for the rant.)

I guess I’ll just list what’s going on and talk about each of them. Here I go: I’m engaged, I just bought a new car, I quit my job at Southeast, I just moved out of my apartment, (here’s the big one) I’m moving to Oklahoma in two days to start a new job at

I’m Engaged

I just asked my girlfriend of a year and a half, Bethany, to marry me on December 2nd. I got the diamond ring and everything. In short, I made her one of her favorite meals, ravioli, (when I say made that means I heated up some sauce on the stove, and boiled the pre-made ravioli) gave her a box of chocolate from Godiva with the ring in the box, got down on my knee when she opened it and asked her to marry me. After all of that, we went to her house where all of our family and friends were. We all celebrated together. It was good.

We’ll probably get married a year from this summer. She wants to live on her own for a year and get a year of college out of the way. I’ll talk about college in a minute.

I Just Bought a New Car

I just got a 2008 Silver Mazda 3. It’s awesome! I got a really deal on it through some friends that work at Ford because they get a discount. I got a spoiler put on it a few days ago for free because the dealership messed up and gave it to me for free. I love my car.

I Just Quit My Job at Southeast

[this post is still in progress]