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Cheddar for Mac recently came out. A few days in, Apple featured it as New and Noteworthy! Here's the numbers:


For the iOS App Store, these would be terrible. Getting New and Noteworthy on the iOS App Store means at least tens of thousands of downloads per day. The Mac App Store is much more sparse.

The decline of the Mac is interesting. My fiancée's parents just got rid of their computer. All they have now is iPhones and an iPad. This is starting to become more and more common. Average consumers don't want computers. They only used them in the past because it was their only option. iOS devices really fit most people's needs.

It makes me sad to see the Mac toward the end of its life. Maybe Apple can do something to turn it around. The Mac will be here for awhile, but it will start to be more and more for creators and business. (The business world moves very slowly. There will be computers there for a long time.)

Anyway, I thought that the difference in Mac App Store downloads and iOS App Store downloads was really interesting. Go mobile.