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My Name is Kevin Smith… Only at GameStop Though

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So I got Halo 3 for Christmas. I learned a very valuable lesson the other day. NEVER STAND YOUR XBOX 360 ON ITS SIDE! It will fall over eventually. Mine fell over when I was moving stuff while it was one. It scratched a ton of circles in my Halo 3 disk. Later I was playing Guitar Hero 3 and I started to move TV and stuff, knocked it over, tried to catch it, and then dropped it again. Both of Halo 3 and Guitar Hero 3 are unplayable.

So now I'm really angry because I have to buy two Christmas presents again because I knocked over my 360. Who knew that bumping it while it's on it's side scratches the crap out of your disks… ugh. I went to GameStop to see if they would do anything for me. The guy at GameStop was like "Did you buy it here?" "No." "Do you have a receipt?" "No." "Hold on Mr. Smith, let me look up your account. Here you are. How are you feeling today Mr. Kevin Smith?" "Fantastic!"

He just returned some guy named Kevin Smith's Halo 3 disk and gave me a new copy for free! I was pretty happy to say the least.