Sam Soffes

New Blog on GitHub and Jekyll

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So today I moved my blog from Ruby on Rails on SliceHost to Jekyll on GitHub. It only took a two hours to figure it out and move everything over.

The main reason for moving to the new setup (besides the fact that I love redoing my blog for some reason) was being able to manage all of my posts via Markdown files locally, then pushing then up with Git when I had a good version.Jekyll lets me do this easily and quickly.

I'm going to give this a shot for now. I don't really want to write a blogging platform, even thought I've written a ton. I just like programming. Now that I have more projects than I have time for, I'm looking for something simple that I can simply post with. When I roll my own solution, I end up working on it for a few hours each time instead of just writing my post.

Anyway, enjoy the new blog and feel free to checkout the source code on GitHub.