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New Design Coming Soon with sIFR

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I’m getting tired of my green and gray with leaves. I think I go trough more of website designs than I do desktop backgrounds. (Speaking of desktop backgrounds, InterfaceLIFT has some great ones.) I am currently working on a new one that is very CSSy and very text focused.

I really liked how my new design looked in Photoshop with Myriad Pro Light. It just didn’t look as good with Lucida Grande. I just happened to mention to my friend Sam McDonald. He reminded me of sIFR. I forgot all about sIFR and how awesome it is.

sIFR uses some Javascript and Flash to replace certain elements on the page with flash versions with the non-web font. It’s kind of hard to explain. Check out Mike Industries for and example or his post about sIFR.

Anyway, my new design will be done soon and probably feature sIFR. I’m a huge standards Nazi. If it makes me invalid at all, I’ll figure something else out and not use it.

Happy Thanksgiving!