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OpenBeta and OKCCoCo

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Tonight I went to OpenBeta with some friends from work. I met a lot of super cool people too. It's always cool to connect with people in person that you have only met via Twitter.

OpenBeta is an unconference focused on web development, software development, and design. There were over 200 people there. It's awesome to have such a community here in Oklahoma City. I always love meeting other iPhone developers in person. So far, I've only met two.

Another really cool thing happening here in Oklahoma City is OKCCoco. OKCCoCo is the Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative:

The space where designers, developers, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts meet, work, share, create, and innovate.

You can rent out a desk or office in the collaborative office. It's really neat to see others in the development/design community all wanting to connect and work in a collaborative environment. Personally, I don't think I'd work there unless I had an employee or partner, but it is a really great thing for some people.

I'm super pumped to be in a city that has a growing development community. I know Louisville, KY (where I moved from in 2008) didn't have a community like this. Good stuff. Keep it up OKC guys!