Redacted for Mac Launch

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Yesterday, Redacted for Mac hit the App Store. It's this little app I've been working on here and there to quickly hide parts of an image. Here's a one minute video demo if you want the quick rundown.

All I did was tweet the video about it a few days before it came out and then tweeted that it was out early the morning it was ready. Someone else submitted it to Product Hunt after seeing my tweet. The results were pretty shocking!

For launch, the price was $4.99. I may play with that some over time. I was originally thinking $2.99 and a bunch of folks on Twitter said $4.99 was better. Anyway, Redacted was #8 top paid in the US and #1 top paid in Graphics at the end of launch day. It was also at the top of Product Hunt with 538 up votes! Wow!

Later that evening, I was having drinks with some friends and Matthew Bischoff said he thought I made $10,000 or $20,000. Until then, I hadn't really thought about how much that would be. All of this success was exciting.

This morning I got up and looked at how much I had made. I tweeted asking people to guess how much I made yesterday (after Apple's cut). Here are the results.

There were 37 guesses. I threw out the lowest and highest guesses which were both hilarious. The average guess was $12,460.67.

Here are the actual results:


7 of those units were promo codes I sent out. Only 59 of those units were in the US. It's pretty nuts that 59 sales is top paid on the Mac App Store in the US.

I almost decided to stay indie and work on Whiskey as much as possible to make a living on that. I'm glad I didn't. (I work at Venmo as of May 4th.)