Sam Soffes

Reverse Minimalism

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I sold all of my stuff when I started Nothing Magical and work on Cheddar. It was refreshing. All I had was my bed and my desk. For productivity's sake, this was the best thing I ever did. I'd wager that Cheddar wouldn't have been done as quickly or at the quality it was if I had more stuff to distract me.

If you've never sold all of your stuff, I recommend it. It's a great experience. You'll discover how much time you waste doing stuff that doesn't matter and how not doing that stuff effects your happiness.

That said, I now have stuff again. It's nice. I started working at an office with some friends. Getting out of my apartment is really nice. After biking home from the office for the first time, I was tired. I realized all I had was my bed and my desk. "Well, time to get a couch."

Per my usual, I bought a bunch of fun toys. I like toys. Who doesn't?

My extreme minimalism flipflop is silly. I sold my bed and bought the exact same one from Ikea again. Finically, this is really stupid. On the other hand, it's super refreshing to start from scratch.

So, I'm not really sure what the point of this is. I guess it's more here's what I did. Maybe it's interesting to you. Whatever. Go make stuff.