Sam Soffes

Simple Pagination and Commenting Ideas

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I was playing with the new Twitter last night when I got the idea to redo my blog colors to match my my Twitter profile colors. I got kinda bored and and decided to add pagination to my blog.

I like how my pagination is simple. Unlike Digg and Google, I decided to just have two buttons and an indicator of where you currently are. In a blog sort of format, I doubt you'll be wanting to rapid advance through the pages, so I removed the feature to keep it simple and why build something if only 5% of your users use it? Keeping it simple.

What do you think? Like the new stuff? O wait no comments yet, ha. I guess once I add commenting, I will have somewhat of a full featured blog. We'll see how much free time I have this weekend to build it. I was thinking about using Disqus, but I want a simpler solution and looks really clean, which isn't easy to achieve with the Disqus API.