Sam Soffes

The iDisk Sucks

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So I bought .mac in January when I started at because I got an iMac at work. I figured getting .mac would simplify syncing all of my data across my two computers.

So I just wanted to put some wallpapers on my iDisk to I could use them on my iMac at work. It takes so long. It has to close every file, which takes forever. When you want to delete something, it has to check it for several seconds and the deletes it. If it was speedy, I would like it a lot better maybe. Even trying to drag a file to it in Finder, it gives you an error. You have to click it first and wait almost a minute for it to connect, then you can drag your files (and then wait for it to check and close each file). The $99 is worth syncing everything between my two macs, but the iDisk is worthless. I’d rather use email, FTP, or a flash drive instead.