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The Motorola ROKR

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Motorola ROKR

The Motorola ROKR is amazing! I upgraded my Motorola V180 to it a few weeks ago and I love it. It got bad reviews saying that it wasn't a true iTunes phone. I agree. It is a phone with iTunes. Even if it didn't have iTunes, it is still a sweet phone. I like a ton more than the RAZR, even though that is one awesome phone. I have heard that the ROKR is just like the SLVR only thicker and the ROKR doesn't have FireWire.

Anyway (back to the ROKR), when you plug it in through USB, it shows up like an external hard drive. I can drag wallpapers, ring tones, pictures, etc. to it and drag my pictures off it to my desktop. That alone is amazing. I have spent hours making ring tones with Audacity.

The keys' back light is controlled by an ambient light sensor, which just plain rocks. The speakers in the thing sound so good. That is the first thing everyone always comments on. The camera has a 4x zoom with exposure control.

iTunes itself runs a little slow. You turn it down and it takes about a second to respond and turn it down and display the volume thing on screen. That is the most disappointing part of the phone. The USB is really slow to. I think that is caused by the micro SD card.

It's an awesome phone though. Definitely check it out if you getting a new phone. The best part is that you can get it with an upgrade through Cingular for only $50 at RadioShack. (Not to mention that it's a bluetooth phone!)