Sam Soffes

The Worst Recruiters

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The Andiamo Group is the worst recruiting group I have ever encountered. I have asked them repeatedly to stop emailing me and they will not. Their "job leads" are always uninteresting and often irrelevant to my skill set.

I sent this email as my last reply from Mark that I received on September 6. I doubt it will be successful, but I thought I'd share my truly awful experience with them.

Daniel from your company first contacted me on March 31. Jens contacted me on April 29 and I politely asked him to remove me from your list and to not contact me again. Daniel then emailed me again on May 11. You then emailed me on May 18. Daniel emailed me again on May 12 and I replied for him to please stop emailing me. Daniel emailed me again on June 21 and I replied again asking him to stop emailing me. You emailed me again on August 3.

Please, please, please stop emailing me.


If you are using a recruiting firm (which I hope you aren't and I'll go into that more in the future) please don't use this group of, in my opinion, disrespectful "professionals".