Those Were The Days

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I was just talking with my good friend, Matt Grimm. We used to be in a band together called Finding Chesterfield. It was some of the best times in my life.

I wrote a post in 2008 about choosing programming over music. I remember making a conscious decision in high school to pursue programming over music. Mainly because I sucked at music and was way better at programming at the time (by my standards anyway).

It's interesting that the best times in my life have nothing to do with programming, design, making products, or any of the stuff that consumes my life today. I haven't even touched my drums or a guitar in months. It's funny how things change.

Matt's Basement

Anyway, this is the beginning of Finding Chesterfield. I drove up from Dallas to Oklahoma City (where Matt lives) to spend the weekend playing music. We ended up writing like 5 songs. It was awesome.

So I started driving up almost every weekend to play. Here's the first recording we made, Gonna Be Okay: (The autotune on this one is so over the top. Don't worry, they get better.)

Here's my favorite early recording, Where We Stand:

Both of those made it on the album. Recording the CD was super fun. We spent a week in Dallas with Luis Dubuc of The Secret Handshake. It was awesome. You can download the final versions of these two and three other songs here. You can also listen to it on SoundCloud.

We also recorded a video of us playing my favorite song on the CD, Give It Back:

We also recorded a making of video.

After the EP, we started working on a new song that we never finished. Here's the rough demo of Texas:

This is probably my favorite thing that we worked on together. It's a shame we never finished it. Maybe someday.

Anyway, it was a really awesome time in my life. I hope that I get the opportunity to do something like this again.

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