Sam Soffes

UITableViewCell Silly Magic

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Ever had a UITableViewCell's imageView not update when you set it's image in a callback or block? It's amazingly frustrating. I usually end up going over and over the code to make sure it sets it on the main thread, the image isn't nil, the image view is on the screen, etc, etc.

The Problem

UITableViewCells don't update when you set the imageView's image. UITableViewCell's imageView is magical and stupid. If you don't have an image in the imageView, it will nil it out and remove it from the contentView. When you set the image, it will cache it and do some silliness so your updates don't work.

The Solution

Make your own image view. Easy as that. Don't use the imageView property unless you want it to work exactly the way Apple uses it in for albums. For anything else, just make your own and add it to the contentView.

Trust me, you'll save yourself hours of frustration.