Walking to Work

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Lately, I’ve been walking to work. I live about 5.5 miles from my office. Generally, it usually takes me about 1.5 hours but varies based on the route. I like to mix it often to see different parts of the city or different views.

Most weeks, I’ll walk to work 3–4 times and walk home 1–2 times.

Side Effects

I’m at my lowest weight since I’ve been tracking my weight (~5 years). I feel better and plan to keep going!

I really like all of the time to listen to audiobooks or music while I walk. At first, it was maddening to move towards the office that slowly. I’d say in general, I’m not a very patient person. I feel like walking to work has made me more patient. Sometimes stuff takes awhile and that’s good.

Being alone with your thoughts for a few hours before starting your day is great. I try to remember to turn on Do Not Disturb on my watch and phone while I walk for added peace.

I’ve always wanted to get into backpacking but never felt I was physically fit enough. After starting to walk to work, I feel confident enough to start backpacking! I think I’m the most proud of this.


Several people have asked me what gear I use to walk to work. This is funny to me. I’m really into gear in general. All of my hobbies require an excessive amount of gear (motorcycling, scuba diving, woodworking, backpacking, etc.). Well I guess they all don’t require gear, I just like getting into gear.

Anyway, for walking to work, I never considered it. I just walk. I will share what I use though if you’re curious.

I randomly alternate between the shoes I would normally wear to work, Onitsuka Tigers, or my hiking boots, something by Vasque they don’t make any more. There’s a lot of down hill on my walk, so the hiking boots make it a lot more comfortable. I live in Twin Peaks (the highest part of San Francisco) and I work by the water.

Most of the time I wear some GoRuck Simple Shorts which are my favorite shorts. I also wear these scuba diving and hiking. Simply fantastic. I usually wear some dri-fit type shirt and occasionally a light jacket if it’s really cold.

For music, I use AirPods with these little clip things so they don’t fall out.

I generally take my GoRuck GR1 which is a fantastic backpack. Occasionally, I use my hiking day pack or something else. (I have a silly amount of backpacks.)

The GR1 is great since you can add a ruck plate to it. I’ll walk in with the 20lb weight about once a week. I’m definitely much more sweaty and tired when I arrive when I take the weight.

I also take a full change of clothes and only change whatever is sweaty. I always have deodorant in my desk at work. Sometimes I’ll reapply if it’s particularly hot out.

I keep a lightweight dry bag in my backpack to put all of my sweaty clothes in so they don’t stink up my backpack.

All of this said, I already had all of this gear. You definitely don’t need anything fancy to walk 12 miles everyday. I know if I told myself this, I wouldn’t believe me though.