Sam Soffes

Why I Do Not Profit Share

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As a freelancer, I get a lot of people pitch me ideas they want me to work on. On average, I get one of these ideas pitched to me every two days. This is great. I am always looking for something to work on.

Almost all of these app ideas are iPhone apps. I welcome iPhone work as I absolutely love the platform. Now that I'm doing iPhone work, I've had clients want to profit share with me instead of paying upfront. They have an idea they probably spent a few hours on and they want me to work on it for weeks and then share all of the profit with me. There are several reasons why I do not do this, ever.

  1. I am fully capable of coming up with my own ideas and then getting all of the money. Why would I work on the customer's idea that I'm less passionate about and get half of the money?

  2. If the customer really believed in their idea, they should take out a business loan and pay me the small amount of money compared to what they will make if their ideas is as good as they think it is.

  3. It is a bad idea for the customer because I will be way less motivated to work on something with future compensation that I may never receive.

So if you are thinking of asking me to work on your idea and cannot pay half upfront (as well as the remainder of course), then do not contact me because I will not work on your idea.