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First Countdown Maker Sale!

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Today my company, Trimonix, sold it’s first copy of it’s first product. Yay us! Trimonix is made up of my friend Sam and me (no I am not talking in third person, my best friend’s name is really Sam what are the odds?). Countdown Maker, our first product, allows you to create countdown videos (videos with numbers on them that descend to zero over time when something usually happens upon reaching zero) really easily. We designed it with youth ministers in mind who don’t know the first thing about video. Today is an exciting day for us.

The thing that sets Countdown Maker out from its competitors (believe it or not someone else has also made a program that makes countdowns) is its super simple user interface first off. Countdown Maker is written in Cocoa which means that it looks really pretty on the Mac and that it works really well with Mac OS X. You can also export out videos in multiple, professional-grade video formats. You can even export uncompressed if you want to use in FinalCut or AfterEffects. Countdown Maker also offers a real-time preview of your video that is powered by Apple’s farily new Quartz Composer technology.

Definitely head over to our website and download a free trial. You’ll love it.