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Goodbye CodeIgniter. Hello ExpressionEngine

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So today, after moving my musings (or blog if that’s what you want to call it) from my own engine that I wrote in CodeIgniter, to WordPress (which is also fantastic), to nothing, and back to WordPress, I have finally landed in ExpressionEngine. Since I am using ExpressionEngine is multiple places now for work related things, I figured it would probably be good to use it on my own to get more familiar with it.

ExpressionEngine is awesome. It is really flexible, powerful, and still easy to use. I am using it currently at Southeast for the Student Ministry web sites. It works really well for us there. I know that is redoing their website in ExpressionEngine as well. They all love it too.

The cool thing about ExpressionEngine is that it is built by the same people that built CodeIgniter. ExpressionEngine uses a lot of the same core classes that CodeIgniter uses. From what I’ve heard, writing modules, extensions, and plug-ins is really easy. I haven’t written any yet, but I will be soon for work related things. I’ll probably get a podcast maker of some sort going here in a bit.

Sorry for those of you that noticed my week of downtime. I’m back!