Sam Soffes

Logic Pro Studio is Awesome

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So I bought Logic Studio. It's awesome! I haven't even scratched the surface yet. It's awesome to know that you have all of the tools right in front of you to make any sound you could possibly think of.

I have had the Behringer FCB1010 for awhile. It's a MIDI controller with 10 stomp boxes and 2 expression pedals. I have only spent a few hours playing with MainStage with it. It's going to be awesome! I am really excited about having an awesome guitar rig.

I think I am going to sell all of my analoge pedals, pedal board, power supplies, and Mbox. I'll probably just buy a better audio interface and save the rest. I've been having latency issues. I need to test my setup with some different interfaces.

Yay Logic Studio!