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You can now hire me. During the next few months, I'll be mainly focused on some upcoming products, but I need to eat so here we are. You can now hire me for up to 10 hours a week for $200/hr. I know that's expensive, but I need to guard my time.

Bootstrapping is hard. I only have so much in the bank. It's really painful to watch it dwindle away. This whole process has put the pressure on. I love it! This is amazing motivation. The only reason I'm contracting is to keep my runway going longer so I have more time to get some products ready. Honestly, I could go without contracting, but the extra cushion will be nice.

I whipped up a little site and posted it at (The source is on Github by the way.) Head on over and hire me if you're interested. The first 4 weeks are already booked. The following weeks are already in talks so be quick.