Sam Soffes

I Don’t Care

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I think not caring is impossible. Every time I say “I don’t care,” I’m lying to myself. All I do is care.

Lately, I’ve been learning that you can’t choose to not care. It’s like trying not think about something—it just makes you think about it more.

Instead, I’ve been focusing on acceptance. At first, this seemed like the same thing, but the difference is important. Lying to yourself that you don’t care about it versus saying this is the way it is and I’ll figure out how to live with that is really important.

There’s plenty of things at work, in my personal life, and about myself that I care about deeply, bother me a lot, and I can’t do anything about. Trying to just ignore it all won’t work. Working on accepting these things or trying to approach them with a positive mindset is the only thing you can actually do.