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I’m Moving to San Francisco

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I've been looking for a real job for awhile now. After going back to freelancing again, I decided I really hate freelancing. Dealing with clients, lining up work, handling money, contracts, etc. All of that stuff sucks. I just want to write code and make cool stuff. Dealing with all of that junk is not fun.

I have flown out to San Francisco for a few interviews and done tons of phone interviews as well. I had a pretty sweet interview at Apple for the iChat engineering team (even though I didn't get the job). Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive walked right by me while I was eating lunch at Cafe Macs (which is awesome by the way). It was epic.

What I'm Doing

I accepted an iOS engineering position at Scribd.

Scribd is the largest website for social publishing and reading.

Scribd believes that all your docs want to be shared across the web and all over the world.

You can find out more about Scribd here if you want to know more.

They want to make a sweet mobile application for reading. I have a unique experience in making mobile readers (Bible and SocialBooks) so it's a perfect fit!

My start date is January 3rd, but I'll be moving the second week of December.

What About...

Finding Chesterfield - Leaving my band (Finding Chesterfield) is one of the hardest parts about moving to San Francisco. I'll really missing playing in person with @mattgrimm. The entire time we've been a band, we have lived in two different cities. We're going to try to keep playing together, but it will be more of a side project than a main focus now. Really hoping to put out a full length album eventually.

Friends - That also sucks. I'll definitely miss my Texas (and Oklahoma) friends, but I'm looking forward to making new ones in California.

My stuff - I plan on selling or giving away a lot of my furniture (so if you want some stuff and can pick it up, email me). I'll probably just get a small U-Haul trailer and pull it behind my xB with some smaller stuff.


I'm way excited about what Scribd is doing and being a part of it. They have really sweet offices too. Biking to work will be awesome. Being near all of my tech heros will be awesome. I can't wait!