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Most of the time I disappoint myself.

Sometimes I really impress myself with my work ethic. Most of the time, that isn't the case. I feel like I'm constantly striving to get back when I was super productive.

The times I find myself in these super motivated states, I get incredible amounts of work done. Today, I wrote an insane amount of code and went from zero to an app that sorta works. (I wrote this the day I redid Shares.)

My friend has a great saying:

I want to program wet and naked.

Ernie Miller

I love this. He was talking about getting ideas in the shower and getting so excited that you get out and start programming before you can even dry off.

When I started working on Shares 2 the other day, I started the shower. Before I even got in, I had the idea for Shares 2. Turned off the water and worked until I went to bed. It was awesome. Two days later, I submitted it to the App Store.

Most days I get up late, don't get as much done as I want, and don't stay productive at all. I think the difference between my super productive day and normal days is motivation.

I haven't figured out how to get my high level of motivation everyday. It would be amazing if I could figure it out. This post has been a draft for a super long time. Mainly because I don't have an ending. There's no happy, motivating solution. Just keep at it.