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Recently, I spit in a plastic tube and mailed it to California. While that sounds like a fun prank, it was to get my DNA tested by 23andMe. The first few minutes of this video show the unboxing/spitting.

23andMe is a really neat company that has been around since 2007. They process your DNA and tell you what it means. It's only $99 to get yours tested.

Here's the highlights from my results.


The most fascinating part was the traits. Here are a few of the interesting ones:

Trait Outcome
Alcohol Flush Reaction Does Not Flush
Bitter Taste Perception Unlikely to Taste
Eye Color Likely Brown
Hair Curl Slightly Curlier Hair
Lactose Intolerance Likely Tolerant
Caffeine Consumption Slightly Higher Amount Per Day
Height Averaged 0.3–0.7cm taller

It's crazy how all of them were right on. Fascinating.

Disease Risk

It also shows tons of diseases and your risk for them. Here are a few that are below for me.

Disease Risk
Alzheimer's Disease 4.9%
Age-related Macular Degeneration 1.6%
Rheumatoid Arthritis 1.5%
Type 1 Diabetes 0.17%

Of the ones that had increased risk, none of them were too scary thankfully. Before they tell you a few of them, they present a ton of information and you have to click I understand before they tell you the result (Alzheimer's for one). Thankfully, I have a lower risk for all of those.


I knew my mother's side was British before coming to America in the colonies. Seeing a tad of Native American and African in there makes sense. I knew there was some Cherokee in there, so it was cool to see the results matched that. You can really drill down on this graph. Here's the overview though:


This wasn't as interesting to me as the health/traits stuff, but still pretty cool.

See My Genome

I posted my genome on GitHub: You can download it and look through my source code. Pretty fascinating.

Pull requests welcome.

Update: Decided to not publicly post my raw genome after all.